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Bud Basics is The Industry Leading Standards & Certification Company for the Cannabis Industry. Bud Basics is passionate about cannabis safety and best practices; ensuring qualityand consistency within all “consumer facing” elements of the cannabis supply chain isour mission.

Bud Basics provides TOTAL industry solutions – for certification of:

  1. Cultivation Facilities (BudBasics: Grow)
  2. Extraction Facilities (BudBasics: Extract)
  3. Edibles Kitchens (BudBasics: Edible)
  4. Business Sustainability (BudBasics: Sustain)

Proving your company is a quality leader, and illustrating that your business cares about your end user is your responsibility; Bud Basics is the partner that will help convey that message clearly and concisely through a standardized process and benchmarked Bud Basics Certification.

Bud Basics is the first organization to develop industry recognized quality standards for the growing cannabis market. Our Standard Creation Process is built to achieve the most robust standards and to ensure integrity through the creation of industry benchmarks for quality.

Bud Basics’ Standards Creation Committee, together with an Independent Body of Cannabis Industry Experts, together ensure the creation of standards for the entire cannabis supply chain.

Bud Basics knows quality certification from seed to sale and Bud Basics will transfer that knowledge to the cannabis supply chain and ultimately, the end-consumer. By becoming Bud Basics Certified, your company demonstrates that you care about the consumer. With the award of a Bud Basics Certification, you are showing your customers, industry partners, and stakeholders that you meet the most stringent standards, as developed by an independent body of experts.

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