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What is a standard?

A standard is a document, established by consensus that provides rules, guidelines, or characteristics for activities or their results.

At Bud Basics our Bud Basics 4200 Standard is the FIRST Quality Management System specifically for the Cannabis Industry.  Developed by Experts and Professionals in the Standards Creation Process, the Bud Basics 4200 Standard sets the Benchmark for Quality in the Cannabis Supply Chain. 

Why are standards important?

Behind the scenes, standards make everyday life work. They may establish size or shape or capacity of a product, process or system. They can specify performance of products or personnel. They also can define terms so that there is no misunderstanding among those using the standard. As examples, standards help ensure the food you eat is safe, the medicine you take is the right dosage, and the toys your kids play with are made from safe materials.

In the U.S. alone, there are more than 100,000 standards at work across all industry sectors. These include:

  • Product-Based Standards (examples: car airbags, washing machines, banking cards)
  • Performance-Based Standards (examples: toy safety, greenhouse gas emissions, food safety)
  • Management System Standards (examples: ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 Quality and Environmental Management Systems)
  • Personnel Certification Standards (examples: cyber-risk technicians, food handlers, crane operators)
  • Construction Standards for buildings and systems in the built environment (examples: building, electrical, and plumbing codes)

How are standards created?

Standards are developed by technical experts that work together to meet a common marketplace need. The term “voluntary consensus standard” describes a document developed through a process where all views and objections are considered and where affected parties (including government, consumers, and business) have reached consensus on its contents.

At Bud Basics we combine the knowledge of our Standards Creation Committee and Cannabis Industry Benchmark Committee to insure a true value is created for the marketplace.  Our Unique Benchmarking process is the first of its kind to be developed specifically for the Cannabis Market.  

Who creates standards?

In the United States, any entity or individual can participate in standards development activities. It’s just a matter of figuring out what you’re interested in working on, and then finding the standards development organizations that are currently working in that area. The U.S. market-driven, sector-based approach to standards development offers flexibility, efficiency, and a responsiveness that is unparalleled in most other nations.

Lots of companies, organizations, trade associations, consumer groups, and government agencies are already developing standards. And by being an active part of the process, these groups are gaining a tangible competitive advantage over their competitors. For example, they are:

  • Gaining insider knowledge and early access to information
  • Exerting influence on technical content
  • Developing new markets for products, services, and technologies, and keeping market access doors open

Hundreds of standards developing organizations (SDOs) and consortia are engaged in the creation and maintenance of standards used in virtually every industry sector. These SDOs — and the experts who populate their committees — work to enhance quality of life and improve the competitiveness of U.S. businesses operating in the global marketplace.

At Bud Basics we use a stringent bench marking process for the creation of Bud Basics Standards.  Our Consortium of Cannabis Industry Professionals, Standard Creation Expertise, and Regulatory Compliance Officials ensure that our Standards meet the needs of the current market, while creating the path for future growth of the cannabis industry.

What is conformity assessment?

Conformity assessment is defined as any activity concerned with determining directly or indirectly that relevant requirements are fulfilled. Sometimes, conformity assessment is referred to as conformance or compliance.

While a standard is a technical expression of how to make a product safe, efficient, and compatible with others, a standard alone cannot guarantee performance. Conformity assessment, however, provides assurance to consumers by increasing consumer confidence when personnel, products, systems, processes or services are evaluated against the requirements of a voluntary standard.

At Bud Basics we use experienced quality management professionals for the implementation of the Bud Basics 4200 Standard. Our Team of Auditors, Trainers, and Industry Leaders in Quality ensures your company will receive the best in the industry for quality principle implementation.  

How is compliance with standards verified?

Conformity assessment is a vital link between standards that define product characteristics and the products themselves. It can verify whether a particular product meets a given level of quality or safety. And it can provide information about the product’s characteristics, the consistency of those characteristics, and the performance of the product.

Product problems (such as the  Toy Recalls, E-Coli Outbreaks, Car Brakes Recall, etc.) are frequently not due to inadequacy of the standard, but rather conformance to the standard. Testing, inspection, and auditing of products and management systems is as important as the standard in ensuring that products and systems are safe and perform as expected.

Bud Basics Mission is to ensure Quality Management Principles and Industry Best Practices are being met throughout the Cannabis Supply Chain, from Seed to Sale.  Our Auditors are experienced in the skills of problem solving, operational efficiency, and performance improvement.  We use only the Best Professionals for your company.

Why Certify now?

For more than a century, voluntary consensus standardization and conformity assessment activities have been coalescing markets and saving money for organizations in both the private and public sectors. However, there remains a marked lack of standards and conformance-related knowledge by decision makers in business and industry. This has led to corporate decisions to down-size or eliminate standards-related sections and programs within companies. More and more, corporate standards professionals are not being replaced when they retire, and new, younger professionals are not being developed for corporate standards roles. In addition, the recent economic downturn has resulted in some companies decreasing their levels of involvement in standards development activities.

Becoming Bud Basics Certified Proves your Company is a Leader in the Cannabis Industry for Quality. Certification to the Bud Basics Standards showcases your commitment to being the best organization possible and helping Lead the Industry Forward. Proving to Consumers, Investors, Retailers, and Competitors that Your Company is Leading the Way in Quality can be achieved through the Bud Basics 4200 Certification.