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Bud Basics provides certification, and industry benchmarked standards to help drive growth in the marketplace; we know how to Train Your Organization in the Best Way to ensure you meet the industry benchmarks for quality.  We developed these trainings through years of quality management principles trainings in various industries including automotive, environmental, sustainability, food safety, aerospace, and medical device.

We are experts in the ISO based standards and quality management principles; we know the soft skills of training your personnel and we have the most robust programs in the cannabis industry for Quality.

Our training programs at Bud Basics help you truly Learn Quality Principles though a balanced learning approach:

  • We convey information and skills by lectures, discussion, self-directed learning, discovery, lessons learned, and participatory learning.
  • Our professional trainers know how to help students learn and acquire new skills; by creating a balanced approach to teaching the fundamentals of quality through hearing, seeing, responding, solving problems, and feeling the passion of quality.
  • We believe in applying fundamental quality principles to everything we do; students will understand what they are about to learn by our planning methods, students will acquire new skills and knowledge by doing the work, students will verify the knowledge with trainers and management, then students will be able to implement these quality principles into their organization.