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Why Certify with Bud Basics?

Why do I need Bud Basics Certification?

Our focus is to provide the most robust, value added advice and support to organizations who intend to use their quality management system to generate sustainable profits and reduce their risks & costs. In addition to achieving successful registration, we work with our clients to achieve improved customer satisfaction and internal performance through more efficient operations.

How does Certification Benefit the Cannabis Industry?

Standards promote the best practices in the cannabis industry and industry specific guidelines through maintaining a benchmarking process for cannabis safety management systems.

  • Improve cost efficiency throughout the cannabis supply chain through the common acceptance of industry recognized standards by retailers around the world
  • Provide a unique stakeholder platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and sharing of best cannabis safety practices and information
  • Standards help define terms, processes and systems in the industry, ensuring there is no misunderstanding among companies quality claims.