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Standards Development

Every industry needs certification through an independent, governing body of experts. The cannabis industry is no different. One could argue that certification of this industry is mission critical. Bud Basics is the first organization dedicated solely to the establishment and governance of best practices for the cannabis industry and is the FIRST organization to develop Industry Leading Standards for Quality.

Our Bud Basics 42000 standard was created to ensure quality throughout the supply chain; from seed to sale we ensure companies follow the best practices of cannabis production. Our Standards Creation Committee is made up of Quality Management Professionals with extensive experience in the implementation and creation of Internationally Accredited Third Party Quality Standards.

We use this experience to bridge the gap between proven quality management techniques in established industries with the fast growing needs of the cannabis industry. Our Standards Development Committee is counterbalanced by the Cannabis Industry Experts Committee, which brings industry leaders into the standards development process to ensure the most Robust Standards for the cannabis industry.

We take pride in our benchmarking process and ability to create a value added certification process to the manufacturing of cannabis; ensuring consumers receive a quality product, and businesses are continuously looking for the best way to do make their products.