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Bud Basics Extract Safety Standard ensures a safe, reliable, and consistent production in the extraction process. Our Standard utilizes the proven methods from fields like Occupational Health and Safety, Industrial Food Grade Extraction, and Hazardous Material Handling. Bud Basics Certified Extraction facilities know what the industry best practices are and can define their quality practices, ensuring a safe, contaminant free end user product!

Scalable Standard for all Cannabis Extract Manufacturers:
  • Based on OHSAS 18001 principles including risk management, hazardous material controls, verification and validation techniques
  • Ensure Product Integrity
  • Improves Consumer Confidence and Company Image
Scalable standard for novice to intermediate cannabis extract manufacturers including but not limited too:
  • Butane Oil (BHO)
  • CO2 Extraction
  • Alcohol
  • Water/Agitation
What Defines Your Quality Extraction Operation?
  • What Are Your Quality Objectives?
  • How Do You Measure Your Outputs Consistency?
  • What are the Impacts on your Extraction Process?
  • How Do You Monitor Product Contaminants
  • What Hazardous Material Controls Are In Place?